Your West Valley: The Answer? Vote.

Letter to the Editor

SCOTUS’ decision on April 2 was a late April Fools’ joke. I wish it had been announced on April 1 so we would understand it was a joke. To now allow unlimited money into our political process under the guise of freedom of speech is totally absurd. Especially after our activist Supreme Court already had given the rich and corporations the right to donate un-Godly sums with SCOTUS’ Citizens United decision.

Although I sometimes have wondered what is coming out of the mouths of politicians, their supporters and spokespersons, I never imagined that it was dollar bills!

Every day we hear the Teapublicans shouting to the high heavens about protecting, conserving, enforcing, embracing and many other adjectives to describe their want for “strict constitutionalism.” When our Constitution was written, the concept of freedom of speech was to allow the “voices” of our populous to be heard. Under the English King, this was not allowed. The framers of the Constitution were some of the richest men in our country at that time. If they had wanted freedom of speech to mean that the richest could use their wealth to control the country, then they could have done so.

If you want to see where our country is now headed, just go south of the border to Mexico or any other Latin American country. Those countries have had the rich and the church’s influence in control for a few centuries. How has that worked out?

However, there is still an answer. That answer is our vote! If you want to, (in the parlance of Teapublicans and their ‘Koch brothers’ benefactors) take back our country, then vote! We have millions of votes. The Kochs, Sheldon Adelson, Roger Ailes of Fox News, and the other 1 percenters have just a scant few votes. Please get your neighbors and friends to vote.


Frank Copple, Sun City West

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