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2019 Session Wrap

We began the legislative session with a watchful eye on 109 bills affecting our democracy (woah!) and as session slowly-but-surely moved on, our list dwindled down to 12 consequential pieces of legislation - both good and bad that would have a lasting impact on Arizona’s democracy. Below you’ll find our analysis of those bills and what their fate was. 

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APS Reports

After years of APS using its monopoly profits to exert undue influence on policymakers, we have seen the results: rate increases for APS customers, a lack of investment in solar and other renewable energy across the state, and a loss of confidence that our government truly represents the people of Arizona.

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This legislative session has been no walk in the park, but amidst all the bad bills, we’ve taken the opportunity to give attention to some of the pro-democracy reforms that many legislators have been pushing since the VERY START of session in our “Pro-Democracy Roll Call”. While none of these reforms are still alive in the legislative process this year, they represent a positive path forward for a democracy where all of our voices are heard – and we won’t give up the fight.

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