Wilcox Range News: Clean Elections Funding Available for Legislative and Statewide Candidates

By Daniel Ruiz, Willcox Range News

PHOENIX – With the filing deadline less than three months away, the Citizens Clean Elections Commission, the state agency that administers the Citizens Clean Elections Act, reminds potential candidates that public financing is available to run for legislative and statewide offices in 2014.

The Citizens Clean Elections Act, approved by voters in 1998, created a campaign financing system that provides public funding to qualified candidates who agree to run using Clean Elections rules.

Candidates are required to collect $5 qualifying contributions from registered voters to receive Clean Elections funding. Participating candidates agree to strict spending limits and must attend required workshops and public debates.

“Clean Elections is a great way for everyone to get involved in the political process,” said newly appointed Commissioner Steve Titla. “By agreeing to run using Clean Elections, candidates are not beholden to special interests and can focus attention on their constituents.”

The number of qualifying $5 contributions and campaign funding amounts vary by office. For example, someone running for the state Legislature would need to collect 250 $5 qualifying contributions. The candidate would then receive $15,523 for the primary election and $22,800 for the general election.

Candidates can collect both $5 qualifying contributions and petition signatures online through Arizona’s E-Qual system.

To find out the number of qualifying contributions and available funding for all offices, visit the Clean Elections website and view the 2014 Participating Candidate Guide.

While the deadline to file as a candidate is May 28, candidates have until Aug. 19 to collect their $5 contributions to qualify for Clean Elections funding. As of early March, 79 candidates have expressed interest in using Clean Elections to run for office in 2014.

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