Reading List: What’s the Matter with Wisconsin?

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear a case with the potential to monumentally impact the practice of partisan gerrymandering for decades to come.

The case, Gill v. Whitford, challenges the constitutionality of Wisconsin’s 2011 state assembly map that packed Democrats into a small number of districts, entrenching a Republican majority in the assembly. Though the Supreme Court has previously ruled on the illegality of racial gerrymandering, these previous rulings left the constitutionality of partisan gerrymandering rather ambiguous. Whichever way the court rules, the decision is certain to impact all future redistricting efforts.

Below are several sources with keen analysis on the nuances surrounding the case:

Vox: How two academics got the Supreme Court to reexamine gerrymandering

Brennan Center: Gill v. Whitford

Washington Post: Why the Supreme Court’s decision to review Wisconsin’s gerrymandering is such a big deal

New York Times: When does partisan gerrymandering cross a constitutional line?

Fair Districts PA: Votes Cast vs. Seats Won


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