West Valley View: Beware of ‘Dark Money’

Letter to the Editor written by David Compton

When the Supreme Court handed down the dubious and disastrous Citizens United ruling, money became free speech. Measures to require full disclosure of donors were filibustered by Mitch McConnell and his lapdogs in the Senate. Now donors are allowed to remain anonymous when they contribute this “dark money” to the candidates they can own and dictate policy to. The Arizona Advocacy Group and Clean Elections in Arizona are valiantly fighting the effects of dark money in initiatives to marginalize and minimize its effects on our elections. Dark money comes from a variety of dubious sources with one of the most notable being the Koch Brothers who are attempting to buy elections at every level.

Dark money candidates to be aware of here in Arizona include: Doug Ducey for Governor; Michele Reagan for Secretary of State; Trent Franks for US Congress (A member of the Koch Caucus); Tom Forese & Doug Little for Arizona Corporation Commission; Darrin Mitchell & Steve Montenegro for District 13 State Representatives; and Mark Brnovich for Arizona Attorney General. This is only a sample of the dark money candidates in Arizona. Many have suggested that dark money candidates be required to publicly disclose that their political benefactors are anonymous.

Voters who support these candidates can only expect their “free will” to be sold out and subjugated to the edicts of the Kochs, oil companies, “Big Pharma”, Monsanto, utility companies and large financial institutions who want to rape and pillage the American Taxpayer. You get what you pay for and what you’ll be getting is the sacrifice of your voice in government. Voting for their Clean Elections opponent will protect your voice.

David Compton, Litchfield Park

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