Voting on Election Day

Where do you vote?

Enter your address in the box above to determine where your specific precinct is located so you are ready to vote on Election Day. Remember, everyone has a precinct assigned to them, depending on where they live, and you have to vote at your assigned precinct on Election Day.

 When can I vote?

If you did not early vote or do not have a mail-in ballot, then you can vote at your precinct from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM on November 8th, Election Day.

You ARE PERMITTED to drop off your early ballot if you did not mail it in on election day, and you do not need to wait in line to do this. Simply go straight to the poll workers and drop it off.

 What ID do you need at the polls?

You can use your Arizona State Driver's License as a form of voter ID. If you do not have an AZ Driver's License, see HERE for a list of other acceptable forms of ID. 


 Key Dates for Voting in Arizona

11/8 - Election day, voting continues from 6am – 7pm