Tempe Charter Update: You Won!

We told you last week that Governor Ducey was blocking new campaign contribution limits in Tempe, despite those limits being approved by over 88% of Tempe voters. Well you responded, and YOU WON. 

Yesterday, we received word that Governor Ducey has signed off on the charter amendment! 

As luck would have it, next week's Roast of Adrian Fontes is also in Tempe. We hope you'll join us to celebrate!

This victory means the new limits can go into effect in time for Tempe's 2018 elections. But it also matters for communities other than Tempe. 

There are 19 charter cities across Arizona, from the pines in Flagstaff down to the border communities of Douglas and Nogales, and including 8 of the 10 most populous municipalities in the state.* If the voters of any of those cities want to reform their local elections via a charter amendment, they will have to go through a similar process of gubernatorial approval. By lending your voice in support of Tempe, you've helped lay down a marker for potential reforms across the state. 

*For trivia fans, the other two are Gilbert (a Town, not a City) and Surprise (a non-charter City).