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SB1060 is a bill that would prohibit lawmakers from accepting tickets to sporting events and specal events.  That's an improvement, but doesn't come close to covering all the freebies politicians take from Big Money donors who gain access and unfair influence over our government with these gifts.


Ask committee members to pull the  bill from the agenda and amend it so that the only FREEBIES politicians can take are the same ones that are offered to every Arizonan. 


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While Senate judiciary members, backed by Big Money, voted to remove our HB2305 referendum from the ballot today, we are working to build a bi-partisan coalition to stop this legislative tyranny. Your continued involvement is critical to a successful outcome.


SB1344 is another attack on the voter approved Citizens' Clean Elections Act and the ability of citizens through the commission to hold politicians accountable to voters, not donors.

SCR1003 is an attempt to undermine the Voter Protection Act and Citizens' constitutional rights. At risk are approved initiatives that created the IRC, First Things First, Medical Marijuana, Clean Elections and other progressive policies and programs.


We've made it easy to email all Senators, use this quick link.

SCR1003 would require new elections on successful citizens' initiatives that have already passed, every 8 years. At risk is the Independent Redistricting Commission, First Things First early childhood development programs, Arizona's Clean Elections System, and other voter-approved programs. 


Tell Senators to vote NO on SCR1003


SCR1003 undermines voters' success at the ballot box by forcing them to raise millions of dollars to defend voter-approved programs and anti-corruption laws from inflammatory attack ads paid for by big money.We made it easy to email all Senate Elections Members: Use this quick link!

The battle to defend our referendum against HB2305 continues. SB1270, the Senate version of the House bill that removes HB2305 referendum from the ballot. We believe that voters should have the last word. Raise your voice and tell Senators to vote NO on SB1270

The level of trust between voters and legislators is low, there's an understandable fear of parts of HB2305 passing this session.


We made it easy to email all Senate JUD Members: Use this quick link!


HB2196 would remove HB2305 from the 2014 ballot and let lawmakers backed by Big Money pass the same anti-voter legislation under a different name.

Leave phone messages to Reps. Orr and Goodale

Rep. Orr has told constituents he'll vote no. Make sure he does and call him at 602-926-3235. Rep.Goodale may also vote no.Call her at 602-926-5408. 


Leave a message, anytime, day or night"Representative Orr/Goodale, my name is_____. Please vote no on HB2196. Respect the will of the voters. Thank you."