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Tell Senators to Vote NO on HB2593
Say NO to more influence for lobbyists and Big Money

HB2593 increases contribution amounts from approximately
$500 to $5,000! Big Money donors win, working Arizona voters lose.

Use this quick link to email senators.

Tell them to VOTE NO on HB2593

Then, call your State Senator and tell them to

Vote NO on HB2593:
Don't know your Legislative District (LD)? Click here to find out.
Every call is important. Please do it today!!

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Representative Mesnard's bill HB2593 increases campaign finance limits to $5,000.
Call Representative Mesnard any time and leave a message if no staff person answers at 602-926-4481 with this message:

"Rep. Mesnard, as a working (or retired) Arizona voter, I don't favor HB2593 or increasing contribution amounts. Only big money special interests can afford to write checks for $5000. I see how they pour money into privately funded candidates and the access they buy with it.

Please - Focus on Voters, not donors. Pull HB2593 from the senate and let it die.


Tell Senate Judiciary Committee to
Vote NO on HB2306.
Say NO to more influence for lobbyists, Chinese and foreign corporations.

 HB2306 will be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee
Tuesday, March 5, 2013 at 2:00PM. 

HB2306 doubles allowed PAC contributions to politicians.

 Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery says this is a "free speech" issue. 


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AZAN Alert!
Stop Radical Attack by Big Money 
Tomorrow, 8:00AM, February 21st: 
AZ House Judiciary Committee votes on HCR 2026 to kill Clean Elections and HB2593 striker giving out-of-control Big Money more speech rights than  everyday, working Arizonans.  

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