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Democrats in the State House may vote with our opponents to reduce additional reporting requirements that Republicans unintentionally included in the anti-Clean Elections bill (HB2593) last year.


HB2665, the so called "HB2593-fix," will be debated by the entire House soon and we must insist that lawmakers VOTE NO on it. The Republican "fix" also allows big money candidates to exceed the new, anti-Clean Elections contribution limits they passed in 2013 for the primary and general elections. Currently illegal, HB2665 will make it "OK" to  launder primary designated cash into a candidate's general election account regardless of whether a contributor will exceed the $2000 limit.


ACT NOW! We made it easy with this quick link.


Our legislative opponents are masters at trampling voter passed laws but certainly we should expect our friends at the legislature to represent our will, right?

If this bill passes, Big Money and their politicians win, while voters lose again.

Please tell Democratic lawmakers to VOTE NO on HB2665 and deny big money and their politicians an immediate victory.