A 40+ page amendment to HB2305 (citizens initiatives) will likely be voted on in conference committee today or tomorrow that includes the anti-voter provisions from SB1261 andSB1003.

ACT NOW with one call and one email to help stop this sneak attack on working Arizona voters.

Call Senator John McComish at 602-926-5898 and tell him:   

"Reject any amendments to HB2305 that aren't in Title 19 like those proposed before last week's cancelled conference committee that attack voters on the permanent early voting list with changes to Title 16. Follow the legislative rules that require amendments to be germane to a bill and PLEASE, stop attacking voters.

Click here to send one message to all six conference committee members. We've made it easy for you to do this.

YOUR ACTIONS have stopped these anti-voter bills from moving in the House and can stop them from being amended to bills in conference committees.