AZAN Alert!
Stop Radical Attack by Big Money 
Tomorrow, 8:00AM, February 21st: 
AZ House Judiciary Committee votes on HCR 2026 to kill Clean Elections and HB2593 striker giving out-of-control Big Money more speech rights than  everyday, working Arizonans.  
HB 2593 contains a strike-all amendment (aka: "A STRIKER BILL") that radically increases the amount of campaign cash (speech) that Big Money and lobbyists can use to gain favor with elected officials.  It violates our Voter Protection Act and our Citizens' Clean Elections Act.  Lawmakers must be put on notice that WE WILL TAKE ACTION NOW AND ON ELECTION DAY if they fail to vote NO on HB2593.  
I'm sure you're as alarmed as us, but keep reading.
HCR2026 guts the Citizens' Clean Elections Act, sweeping all Clean Elections funding for schools (charter and public).  This is some lawmakers' attempt to divide and conquer concerned Arizonans on two goals we support: quality education and elected officials independent of Big Money influence.