Tell Senators and the Secretary of State that you, your family and friends oppose SB 1326.
 SB 1326 and amendment will be heard today, February 19, at 2:00pm. 

SB1326 appears to be a sly attack to undermine the Citizens' Clean Elections Act. HELP STOP IT TODAY!


Oddly, SB1326 purges all reference to 'citizens' in the voter passed Citizens' Clean Elections Act and changes the Citizens' Clean Elections Commission to a generic office under the Secretary of State. With voters continuing to support the Citizens' Clean Elections Act with approval ratings near 80% across the political spectrum, lawmakers should focus on strengthening our toughest anti-corruption law with the Voter Involvement Program, not undermining it.


Don't let opponents water down the Citizens' Clean Elections Act by:

  • removing "citizens,"
  • merging the Citizens' Clean Elections Commission into the Secretary of State's office
  • changing the name to a generic title and
  • adding provisions that have nothing to do with the intent of voters.

The changes proposed in SB1326 will weaken the protection the Citizens' Clean Elections Act has under the Voter Protection Act, making it more susceptible to future attacks.


Email senators and the Secretary of State that you oppose SB1326 in its current form.  We've made it easy by simply clicking here.


Let's not forget that the Citizens' Clean Elections Act was passed because legislators wouldn't fix the political corruption voters witnessed in the 80's and 90's. Today, Big Money lobbyists again use freebies, luxurious trips and perhaps more "laundered" campaign cash to gain favor with legislators, as we know occurred in the on-going Fiesta Bowl scandal. 


Email the committee and submit testimony via ALIS (we can help you establish an account if needed). STOP THIS ATTACK ON ARIZONA CITIZENS AND VOTERS.