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Action Alert!!
Help us pack the room to keep Big Money out of Arizona politics
Keep Permanent Early Voting accessible for all Arizona voters
Join us at 9:00am on Thursday, January 31, 2013 
Arizona House of Representatives Judiciary Committee Meeting.  
1700 W. Washington, Phoenix
Can't make it to the hearing in person?  Record your opposition against both bills online.

Dear (Contact First Name),   


This Thursday, at 9:00am, we face two challenges when House Bill 2306 (HB 2306) and House Bill 2350 (HB 2350) will be heard in the House Judiciary Committee.


HB 2306 would double the allowable PAC contributions to candidates.  Increasing lobbyist influence over elected officials is not what Arizona voters want.
HB 2350 requires current and new voters signing up for the Permanent Early Voting List to register with a notarized application. This is another attempt to make voting harder for citizens and communities who have been historically disenfranchised.

"Stand up with us" and take action to stop these bills.


1.  Call Chairman Farnsworth at 602-926-5735 today and ask him to withdraw HB 2306 and HB 2350 from Thursday's agenda.  Call anytime and leave a message if needed.  

2.  Contact all the Judiciary members before Thursday at 9:00am and tell them:

  • 1. Focus on voters, not donors.  Vote NO on HB 2306.
  • 2. Reduce barriers to voting, don't increase them. Vote NO on HB 2350. 

We've made it simple to contact the Judicary Committee with this message.  Click here to email the House Judiciary Committee through our online system to ask them to Vote NO on HB 2306 and HB 2350. 

3.  Join us at the hearing on Thursday in person, or make your comment online prior to the hearing.  

Please share this email far and wide.   Voters approved the Clean Elections bill in 1998 to keep Big Money out of politics.  We must work together to keep it strong!