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Action Alert! 
HB 2306 is back - Ask committee members to vote NO
Last week, your voices were heard at the state legislature regarding HB 2306.  HB 2306 doubles the money that PACs are allowed to contribute to a candidate.  We must act swiftly to defeat this bill.
1. Send an email to the members of the House Judiciary Committeeasking them to vote NO on HB 2306.  Click here to use our online system.  Our online system makes it easy to send an email to each member.
2. Make an official comment against the bill on the Arizona Legislative website -
3. Send a letter to the editor of your community paper and the Arizona Republic. Talking points:
  • HB 2306 would double the allowable PAC contributions to candidates.  
  • HB 2306 gives lobbyists twice as much influence over elected officials.
  • HB 2306 undermines the voter passed and protected Clean Elections Act.
  • Increasing lobbyist influence over elected officials is not what Arizona voters want.
  • Politicians should focus on voters, not donors.
  • Instead of doubling the campaign cash that lobbyists use to influence elected officials, we recommend a more comprehensive approach, like the Voter Involvement Program bill being proposed by the Clean Elections Commission.
  • The VIP bill supports the voters' desire for more independent officials accountable to voters.
4. Call the Arizona Secretary of State, Ken Bennett, and ask him to have the bill withdrawn. 602-542-4919
5.  Call House Judiciary Chairman Eddie Farnsworth, and ask him to have the bill withdrawn.  602-926-5735