Statement Regarding EAC Decision


Statement regarding EAC Decision
EAC denies request to require additional paperwork from voters
January 17, 2014 - Good news in the spirit of MLK Celebrations 
The EAC issued its decision late yesterday denying the requests of politicians in Arizona, Kansas, and Georgia that the Federal Form be amended to include more paperwork and additional, unnecessary proof-of-citizenship for eligible citizens to register to vote.  The decision is clear, direct, careful, detailed, and comprehensive.  It soundly rejects the politicians' claim that, in order to maintain accurate voter registration rolls, it is necessary to require that applicants provide more proof of citizenship.  The decision cites several times to the comments we and other ITCA plaintiffs submitted, in which we strongly argued that the states' government had failed completely to demonstrate that their requirements are necessary.  The decision is attached.

We expect that Arizona and Kansas will now return to court to try to overturn the EAC's decision.  We will be there to defend it and are grateful for the representation by the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.
The two-class voter system is not a part of this challenge but the decision will help us in the future as we consider ways to challenge it.