Arizona Advocacy Network

Government of, by and for the People

You’ve seen the commercials on TV. You’ve heard the mudslinging and attack ads. That must mean it’s election season. In fact, in case some of you were unaware, the general election is just a few weeks away, on Tuesday, Nov. 4. Now, it isn’t a presidential election this year, but that doesn’t mean your voice shouldn’t be heard.

There are many hot-ticket issues on the ballot this year. For instance, how are special interest groups and big money affecting the Arizona judicial system? It’s important to be informed on the issues happening in this state. So, why not grab a free drink and some grub and learn about these issues. Tomorrow, Oct. 22, the Arizona Advocacy Network will be hosting their 4th Annual Arizona Advocates Taking Charge Netmixer. The mixer will feature special guest retired Montana Supreme Court Justice James Nelson who will be speaking on Citizen’s United. Taking place at Old Main on ASU’s Tempe campus, the event is free. To RSVP, click here. Being informed about the issues happening in Arizona is every citizens right and duty.