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Former state lawmaker Doug Quelland has paid a $35,393 fine to the state for campaign-finance violations.

The check settling his account cleared on Election Day, the same day Quelland finished a distant third in a race for a state Senate seat.

Attorney General’s Office spokeswoman Amy Rezzonico said the payment closes the state’s case with Quelland, who violated numerous campaign-finance laws in a successful 2008 bid for the Legislature. After the Citizens Clean Elections Commission, which oversees the state’s public campaign-finance laws, determined Quelland had violated the laws, he was forced to resign in 2010.

Quelland also was required to pay a $31,000 fine, plus interest, something he balked at for more than two years. Earlier this fall, Quelland offered to pay half the amount he owed, triggering negotiations with state attorneys. Ultimately, he paid the full amount, according to the Attorney General’s Office.

Of the total amount of the fine, 65 percent goes to the Clean Elections Commission and 35 percent goes to the Attorney General’s Office to compensate it for its collections efforts.

Quelland did not return a call seeking comment. He ran as an independent for a Senate seat in northwestern Phoenix but trailed far behind the front-runner, Republican Kimberly Yee.