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Arizona Clean Elections bill advances: Legislators have tried for a decade to repeal the program 51 percent of voters narrowly passed in 1998. On Tuesday, a bill to ask voters this November to defund the program, SCR 1021 passed the Senate. Such bills to take matters to the voters do not require the governor's approval -- so Gov. Brewer cannot veto it.

It is also another another attempt by our colonial overlords from the state of Maricopa to dictate to the citizens of Tucson how they must conduct their local elections (you just know that Jonathan "Payday" Paton had a hand in this):

SCR 1021 changes the state Constitution to prohibit the state or any local government from giving any public funds to candidates running for public office or giving a tax credit to individuals who donate to programs that fund candidates. It would apply to both the state's Clean Elections program and Tucson's public campaign-finance program, which is funded with city money.

The bill's title is purposefully deceptive: "No Taxpayer Subsidies for Political Campaigns Act." The bill makes no mention of the program's Citizens Clean Elections title. This is otherwise known as "fraud."

Then there is the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission. Arizona redrawn legislative maps sent to Justice:

The submission came as the state Senate gave preliminary approval to a ballot measure that would repeal the independent commission and return redistricting duties to the Legislature.

"There is no accountability by the IRC," said Sen. Andy Biggs, R-Gilbert, sponsor of SCR 1035.

If the measure passes the Legislature, it will be on the November ballot.

Other bills working their way through the legislature would revise the AIRC, rather than kill it altogether. Does anyone trust the legislature to redistrict after the spectacle they and our Red Queen, Jan Brewer, made of themselves last year in an effort to impose a permanent Tea-Publican majority by executive fiat?

Then there is the ultimate "poison pill" to kill any future of Arizona, forever: the Taxpayers Bill of Rights or TABOR. Senate: Let lawmakers draw districts:

Voters may get to decide whether to place new constitutional limits on state spending.

Current provisions limit the budget to a specific percentage of total personal state income. SCR 1030, if approved in November, would limit year-over-year increases to changes in inflation and population.

The measure does allow voters to approve exceptions on a year-by-year basis. And lawmakers could declare an emergency with a three-fourths vote of each chamber and the governor's approval.

Yeah, bullshit on that! We have a two-thirds super-majority requirement now, Prop. 108 (1992), that has never been met. This is a democracy, damnit! A simple majority vote of legislators who are willing to do their jobs and to be held accountable is all that is necessary. No more Tea-Publican gimmicks designed to destroy government and to avoid any accountability.

These tyrannical Tea-Publicans hate everything the voters of this state have ever done. Why don't they just declare a coup d'état, declare martial law and suspend the Constitution, impose their authoritarian regime and seceed from the United States? That's what they truly want. It's time to recognize this for what it is -- they despise the voters and democracy.