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Phoenix,AZArizona working voters took a day off to gather at the Capitol and asked lawmakers to stop attacks on Clean Elections and Voting Rights. Wednesday’s Day of Action was organized by Arizona Advocacy Network, a non-profit, grassroots organization working to strengthen Clean Elections, Voting Rights and Fair Courts. Sam Wercinski, Executive Director of Arizona Advocacy Network began by focusing on legislation that attacks government by the People.

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Statement regarding EAC Decision
EAC denies request to require additional paperwork from voters
January 17, 2014 - Good news in the spirit of MLK Celebrations 
The EAC issued its decision late yesterday denying the requests of politicians in Arizona, Kansas, and Georgia that the Federal Form be amended to include more paperwork and additional, unnecessary proof-of-citizenship for eligible citizens to register to vote.  The decision is clear, direct, careful, detailed, and comprehensive.  It soundly rejects the politicians' claim that, in order to maintain accurate voter registration rolls, it is necessary to require that applicants provide more proof of citizenship.  The decision cites several times to the comments we and other ITCA plaintiffs submitted, in which we strongly argued that the states' government had failed completely to demonstrate that their requirements are necessary.  The decision is attached.

We expect that Arizona and Kansas will now return to court to try to overturn the EAC's decision.  We will be there to defend it and are grateful for the representation by the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.
The two-class voter system is not a part of this challenge but the decision will help us in the future as we consider ways to challenge it.

Phoenix,AZ- Arizona Advocacy Network is pleased to announce the third year of offering its internship program at Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and University of Arizona. Interns will have the opportunity to experience non-partisan, progressive civil engagement and in turn encourage participation in their fellow students.

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Phoenix, AZ-Today, the Arizona Court of Appeals released a detailed explanation for its injunction against HB2593, agreeing with co-plaintiffs Arizona Advocacy Network, the Citizens’ Clean Elections Commission, Rep. Victoria Steele and Mr. Louis Hoffman, that HB2593 was illegally enacted by the legislature and governor and is unconstitutional. Read the opinion. Read our press release regarding the October 15 injunction here.

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Phoenix,AZ- Supporters of Arizona’s nationally recognized judicial merit selection system gathered at the Clarendon Hotel on October 17 for the 3rd Annual Arizona Advocates Taking Charge social. The networking event focused on the importance of fair courts and diversity on the bench. Panelists Eric Lesh, Lambda Legal; Liz Fujii, Justice at Stake, and Tim Hogan, ACLPI highlighted important cases that have defended citizens’ rights and initiatives, such as marriage equality, Clean Elections and public school funding. During the panel, Liz Fujii said, “Involving diverse communities is key to developing a diverse bench."

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Phoenix,AZ Late Tuesday, just 90 minutes after oral arguments were concluded, the Arizona Court of Appeals declared HB2593 unconstitutional and in violation of the Voter Protection Act and Clean Elections Act. Read the opinion here“The court’s decision clearly means that candidates can no longer accept the larger contributions that HB2593 promoted,” said Mike Valder, AZAN President Emeritus and Attorney.

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Citizens' VETO referendum of anti-voter bill HB2305 filed

Over 146,000 citizens sign to veto the bill on the November 2014 ballot.


Congratulations to the tremendous coalition that achieved this historic feat. The voters of Arizona spoke loudly today against the anti-voter bill, HB2305.


Politicians tried to rig the system for their own benefit by attacking voters and empowering big donors. Voters, especially early voters, will surely remember which lawmakers attacked their voting rights and which candidates for office support this war on voters come November 4, 2014.

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Plaintiffs in ITCA v Arizona Speak against AZ-KS Attack on Citizens’ Rights



August 22, 2013 – Just one week after voting rights advocates celebrated their U.S. Supreme Court victory reaffirming the use of the standard federal voter registration form by all eligible citizens, politicians in Arizona and Kansas filed a lawsuit attempting to circumvent the conservative Court’s decision. In response to this lawsuit, several plaintiffs in the successful Supreme Court case spoke against continued efforts to make voting harder in Arizona.


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 Group petitions Arizona Supreme Court to overturn HB2593

Legislature acted unconstitutionally on behalf of big donors


Oct. 17- On Wednesday, Arizona Advocacy Network, the Citizens’ Clean Elections Commission, Rep. Victoria Steele and Louis Hoffman, filed a petition with the Arizona Supreme Court seeking to rule HB2593 unconstitutional. “Lawmakers supported by big money violated the contribution limits set by voters in the 1998 Citizens’ Clean Elections Act. They knew their actions were unconstitutional but couldn’t resist giving millionaires and billionaires more influence at the expense of working Arizona voters,” said Sam Wercinski, Executive Director of Arizona Advocacy Network. “The Court should take this case because voters, donors and candidates need to know if these huge dollar donations authorized by the legislature in HB2593 are legal or illegal.”

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Today's U.S. Supreme Court decision erases essential protections that have been critical in advancing equal access to voting for more than 40 years.  It underscores today’s War on Voters and spotlights the Court’s intent on stacking the odds against working Americans while empowering big money and ultra wealthy individuals through earlier decisions like Citizens United.


In Arizona, the Voting Rights Act has provided some level of protection against the attacks on voters.  By undermining the pre-clearance provision of the Act, five justices on the Court have empowered politicians to pass more anti-voter laws like HB2305 which attack Constitutional powers reserved for the People via the citizens initiative process; makes it harder for Libertarian, Green, Democratic and other candidates to get on the ballot while making it easier for Republican candidates;  attacks reputable civic engagement organizations aiding voters, and allows election officials to purge voters from the permanent early voting list.


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