Arizona Advocacy Network

Government of, by and for the People

Phoenix, AZ- Arizona Advocacy Network, the Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, LULAC and Senator Steve Gallardo, along with Kansas and national civic groups filed a motion with the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in the on-going struggle for voting rights and the use of the federal voter registration form.


A federal judge in Kansas ordered the Federal Elections Assistance Commission last week to impose additional paperwork requirements on citizens using the federal voter registration form as requested by Kansas and Arizona Secretaries of State.  


“The Kansas court decision is inconsistent with our victory before the U.S. Supreme Court in 2013” said Sam Wercinski, Executive Director of Arizona Advocacy Network, “The EAC has the authority to reject the states' unproven claims and unreasonable request to require more paperwork from eligible Americans who want to vote.”


Advocates firmly believe that the additional paperwork requirements sought by Kansas and Arizona politicians in order for eligible citizens to register to vote are unnecessary and would likely disenfranchise tens of thousands of citizens who want to vote. Since the U.S. Supreme Court victory, over 40,000 eligible Arizonans have registered to vote who otherwise may have been rejected if they had been required to use the state voter registration form.


 “We believe that politicians should be focused on voters, not donors. While making it harder to vote, they are making it easier for corporations and big money special interest groups to influence our elections with more money and no verification of eligibility or accountability.” Wercinski concluded.