Arizona Advocacy Network

Government of, by and for the People

Phoenix,AZ-Arizona Advocacy Network hand delivered over 1,500 letters to House Speaker Andy Tobin and Senate President Andy Biggs at the Arizona State Capitol on Wednesday. The letters requested their commitment to support voters and anti-corruption efforts by stopping SB1344, SCR1003, any HB2305 related measures that might resurface, and by building support for HB2651. See the letter here:

Edison Lin, a newly registered voter, helped deliver the stacks of letters to the Capitol. He commented “As a new Arizona voter, I want my representatives focused on voters, not donors. It concerns me that big money groups seem to have much more influence over our government than working or young voters like me.”


One such group, called the Arizona Free Enterprise Club, is sending inaccurate information to lawmakers about HB2651, an anti-corruption and pro-voter bill supported by citizens, fair courts advocates and county recorders. “Thousands of citizens across Arizona have asked lawmakers to pass HB2651,” Sam Wercinski, Executive Director of Arizona Advocacy Network said. “Voters want to strengthen anti-corruption and pro-voter laws but big money is blocking this progress.”



Gift and disclosure reforms have made little headway with lawmakers, despite the Fiesta Bowl still in the headlines. Notably, not a single person found guilty in the campaign cash laundering scheme will have to serve any jail time. The stream of freebies to lawmakers continues to flow uninterrupted at the state capitol while politicians focus on corporate handouts and advancing discrimination at the expense of working tax payers and Arizona’s economy.

Arizona Advocacy Network will continue to deliver letters from Arizona voters on a weekly basis in their effort to advance anti-corruption and pro-voter legislation.