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Gail's column featuring Arizona’s bigoted, anti-gay legislation falsely uses the state’s toughest campaign finance law, Clean Elections, as a scapegoat. It’s an opinion that crumbles, like SB1062, with the most basic scrutiny.



Republican, tea party legislatures across the country and in Congress are pushing ugly, divisive policies. This is not isolated to the Grand Canyon State. Neither Georgia nor Kansas have public financing systems but are preparing to pass similar bills like SB1062.


The facts show that officials who were elected using public financing but then attack it are kept in power by big money who wants total control over who gets funding to run for office. The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry not only writes fat checks but also bundles campaign cash to keep their lawmakers in power - the ones passing discriminatory laws. It wasn't until big money interests saw a negative impact on their profits did they take action.


Clean Elections makes candidates focus on voters, not donors. I hope NY voters gain greater access to their politicians with a thriving clean money system.


If big business and "fat cats" were to support strengthening our voter approved law rather than attacking it every year, Arizona could return to a functioning government of, by and for the People, not corporations and extremists.