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Today's U.S. Supreme Court decision erases essential protections that have been critical in advancing equal access to voting for more than 40 years.  It underscores today’s War on Voters and spotlights the Court’s intent on stacking the odds against working Americans while empowering big money and ultra wealthy individuals through earlier decisions like Citizens United.


In Arizona, the Voting Rights Act has provided some level of protection against the attacks on voters.  By undermining the pre-clearance provision of the Act, five justices on the Court have empowered politicians to pass more anti-voter laws like HB2305 which attack Constitutional powers reserved for the People via the citizens initiative process; makes it harder for Libertarian, Green, Democratic and other candidates to get on the ballot while making it easier for Republican candidates;  attacks reputable civic engagement organizations aiding voters, and allows election officials to purge voters from the permanent early voting list.



Congress must act quickly to restore the Voting Rights Act and ensure every eligible citizen has equal access to voting.


As we saw this past legislative session, we can’t trust Arizona’s elected officials to fulfill their constitutional duty to provide a government of, by and for the People. They are more interested in gaining favor with big money special interests and ultra wealthy campaign donors.


Arizona Advocacy Network will continue to fight back with our partners, both nationally and here at home, to protect the right to vote and be heard on Election Day.




The Arizona Advocacy Network and AzAN Foundation work for electoral justice, political rights and full civic participation to achieve government for the People. Our work includes: defending, strengthening and expanding Arizona's Clean Elections system; advocating for full, immediate disclosure of contributions including corporate and "independent expenditures;" promoting anti-corruption and conflict of interest laws including gift bans; educating on ballot measures; guarding voting rights, voter registration and election integrity, including through the use of litigation, and protecting and improving Arizona's ballot initiative and referendum processes. More information is available at