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(Published May 25, 2014)

I'd like to echo Sam Wercinski's call to candidates asking them to fight dark money in his May 19 column "Candidates, join us in the fight vs. dark money." In the Citizens United case, the Supreme Court ruled that those with the most loot could hoot the loudest in elections.

The McCutcheon ruling further empowered this by removing contribution limits.

Clean Elections ensures that voters have a voice. And it's a working model of hope for the nation to take notice. Dark money is doing everything it can to eliminate this threat to the imperialism and mendacity of monied interests. Arizona voters cannot allow this to happen and must vigilantly show up and cast their votes to ensure that Clean Elections thrives and becomes a national mandate. The voters must speak for themselves to repudiate the influence of dark money on our electorate. Showing up and voting is the most effective way to do this.

The guidelines in Wercinski's column would significantly weaken dark money's stranglehold on our state. But we need courageous candidates to stand up for voters and protect these guidelines. Maybe this election year we'll get them, but I won't hold my breath.

David Compton,Mesa