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When I read my paper this morning [Friday, April 25] I saw to my dismay that Governor Brewer had sided with the scofflaw Republican majorities in what is supposed to be the Arizona people's legislature and signed SB1344, a bill that emasculates the state's citizen-approved Clean Elections Commission.  Henceforth the Commission will be unable to monitor the campaign finances of those  who choose not to run as clean election candidates, like our Attorney General who remains under investigation for collusion with a so-called independent expenditure committee in his 2010 general election campaign. 

It is difficult for me to understand, much less to accept, that the legislature can continue to meddle with statutes placed on the books by the voters whose intent was to do what the legislature wouldn't do, and to deny the legislature the ability to alter these statutes.  And it is, if anything, even more difficult to accept that the governor joins in this scorn for the will of the voters.  Lest anyone have doubts about responsibility, all but one of those voting for SB1344, along with the governor who has signed it into law, have a large 'R' after their names.


-Frank Bergen, Tucson