Other Ways to Donate


Support Arizona Advocacy while you buy groceries!

Shop using a Fry's V.I.P. Card and help us raise money! When you select us for Community Rewards in your account, Fry's Food awards AZ Advocacy based on your purchases. This will not effect your gas points and other benefits of being a Fry's V.I.P. shopper.

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It only takes a couple of minutes.


Someone contacted us at the Arizona Advocacy Foundation to see if they could donate some appreciated shares of stock or ETF shares to help our cause and receive a tax deduction as well (if they itemize).  

The answer is YES, YES, YES!  


If you have held these shares (even shares of mutual funds) for over a year, you may transfer your gifted shares electronically into our Arizona Advocacy Foundation brokerage account.  Once we own the shares and sell them, there is no capital gains tax that you (the giver) or we (the Arizona Advocacy Foundation) have to pay.

Result: A higher potential tax deduction to the giver, and because there is no tax owed; more funding for the mission of the Arizona Advocacy Foundation....very tax efficient!

Contact US for more information.