Arizona Advocacy Network is Arizona's premier good government advocacy organization, dedicated since its founding in 2002 to:

  • Supporting the work of the Clean Elections Commission
  • Combating voter suppression
  • Protecting the integrity of elections administration
  • Defending our judicial merit system
  • Preserving the right of Arizona citizens to refer unjust and unethical laws to the ballot and propose citizen initiatives 

We are honored to do such important work, but we cannot do it alone.  The people who create the situations we fight have millions of dollars at their disposal, but we have something better: YOU.  Thank you for your generous donation and continued support.

2016 Individual Membership Levels:

$5/month - Clean Advocate
$15/month - Grassroots Advocate
$25/month - AZ Forward Advocate
$50/month - Never Give Up Advocate
$75/month - People's Advocate
$100+/month - Arizona Advocate