Legislative Wrap Up

 Not a single anti-clean elections bill survived!

117 days in session, with 1247 bills posted, 388 bills passing both houses, and 374 bills signed into  law, the 52nd Legislative Session ended on Saturday, May 7th after an all-nighter at 5:45 am


Thank you so much to everyone who signed into Request to Speak, contacted lawmakers, shared Action Alerts, and spoke in committee. We had some great successes this session! Unfortunately, there were also  bills we fought hard that ended up passing. Below is a summary of the bills we tracked during this past  legislative session: 

SB1516 (Dark Money Delight - Campaign Finance Overhaul) – We fought this bill tooth and nail from day one. 

Press Conference

We spoke in committees, worked with lawmakers and coalition partners, held & spoke in press conferences, and issued several Action Alerts against it. In the end, it passed by just 1 vote and was signed into law. The Clean and Accountable Elections initiative gets rid of the most egregious aspects of this bill and restores integrity to our campaign finance. 


Also, rumor has it there may be a referendum effort to repeal it. This effort has been made more difficult by a last-minute amendment to another bill that we fought all session: HB2296, which also passed. This bill puts into law some of the worst provisions of SB1516 twice (copied and pasted straight from SB1516!) forcing a double referendum. To get rid of these dark money provisions, but bills need to be referred to the ballot and successfully voted down by the people.

Ballot HarvestingHB2023 (Ballot Collecting) is another bill we fought incredibly hard to block.  We lost. This bill makes it a felony to deliver someone’s early ballot to a polling place on election day. This bill, in other words, criminalizes a good deed. However, there is a lawsuit right now that may result in knocking down this terrible law.

Another bill we fought hard to kill is HB2537 (Supreme Court Packing). It will allow Gov. Ducey to appoint two new state Supreme Court justices. This bill was passed in a most unscrupulous manner, and promises to have lasting effects. The Arizona Supreme Court promised to go along with this bill in exchange for $10 million additional funds for the court’s budget. Well, the court didn’t get what it was promised and is now calling on Gov. Ducey to veto the bill.

Finally, there was one bill that we actively supported, HB2121 (increase Clean Elections Voter Education). This bill passed out of the House, but died in the Senate.

HCR2023, HCR2043

 However, we had some huge successes:

  • Two bills designed to take away voter protection (HCR2023 & HCR2043), both died! We fought long and hard on both of these and are incredibly relieved that they did not pass.
  • HCR2028 would have taken away our merit-based court system. Thankfully, it never made it out of the House.
  • An attempt was made to take away the independence of the Independent Redistricting Commission (HCR2009). It also never made it out of the House.

HB 2023

Finally, the biggest success of all: not a single pointedly anti-Clean Elections bill passed! While an attempt was made to repeal the Commission (HCR2013) and another to gut its rulemaking authority (HCR2035), neither made it through. There was even a last minute attempt around 3 AM --  just before the session ended -- to pass HCR2035 with an amendment, but it failed in the House. The Citizens Clean Elections Commission, thanks to your support, survived another session.

Thank you again to all of our supporters. We could not do this without you. Please join us on a date that we will announce soon to celebrate the end of session and everyone who worked hard to stop terrible legislation.

“Never give in--never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” 

― Winston Churchill


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