Legislators Off to Another lobbyist-Sponsored Frolic


Phoenix, AZ--Just days after the still-unfolding Fiesta Bowl scandal ensnared dozens of state lawmakers, many of these same officials will hit the diamond tonight at an event usually paid for by some of the state’s most powerful lobbyists. It is the annual Arizona Senate versus House softball game at the Salt River Project’s private PERA Club in Tempe.  “Getting mixed up with another lobbyist-fueled sporting event a week after the Fiesta Bowl scandal broke shows these legislators are completely tone deaf.  Instead of spending their time hobnobbing with lobbyists, they should be working to address our state’s serious challenges,” said Linda Brown, executive director of Arizona Advocacy Network.   “It’s hard to imagine legislators participating in a softball game organized by the people being kicked off AHCCCS, or the parents who will soon be scrambling to find affordable child care.  It’s probably a lot more fun to hang out with those who got what they wanted from this legislative session—the powerful lobbyists who secured big tax breaks for their big-money clients.”

Here are a few questions we think lawmakers should be asked about this event:

1). Who’s paying for it? Which lobbyists are coughing up the funds for food and drink?

2.) Are any of the lobbyists related to the Fiesta Bowl scandal?  

3.) Serious ethical and criminal violations could come from the Fiesta Bowl report. Is having another sporting event, hosted by lobbyists, really what lawmakers want their constituents to see?

Brown added, “I am sure this event is as open to the voting public as the legislative session has been.”

The game is at the PERA Club, a private country club for the employees and families of the Salt River Project located at 1 Continental Drive in Tempe, Arizona.