Legislators Aim to Decrease Accountability to Voters


Phoenix, AZ—Today the House Committee on the Whole will consider SCR 1025, a back-door attempt to dupe voters into killing Arizona’s popular Clean Elections Act.  The measure, backed by big-money special interests, sailed through the Senate before the Fiesta Bowl scandal broke. Now, with the scandal still unfolding, the House is considering eliminating one of the checks voters placed on candidates in the wake of the AZScam scandal of the 90s. 

“Tone deaf doesn’t begin to describe this legislature.  Speaker Adams has now been caught in the Fiesta Bowl scandal,” said Linda Brown, executive director of watchdog group Arizona Advocacy Network.  “He sets the tone and the legislative agenda.  He should be doing whatever it takes to restore integrity and voter confidence in their legislature.  Instead he’s pushing through another bill backed by the very same interests that hand out free tickets and junkets.  He sat in the Bidwell’s skybox at the Cardinals games, and the Bidwells are determined to end Clean Elections.  These in-your-face pay-to-play deals have to stop.”

SCR 1025 would kill Clean Elections without mentioning the program.  The referendum would also put an end to Tucson’s 25-year old clean money program for city races.