Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse...

“When voters don't have reasonable access to voting, they are being denied the right to vote.” – Samantha Pstross, Executive Director of the Arizona Advocacy Network

Yesterday’s special Elections Committee focused on last week’s election fiasco, but it was abruptly adjourned to go to the House Floor. Rep. Ken Clark invited everyone to watch the floor vote on a bill that will have painful lasting effects on our election system for decades to come, SB1516 – Campaign Finance Overhaul. He wrote an excellent piece on this drastic bill. When lawmakers saw the crowd, they decided to pull SB1516 off the agenda. However, it will most likely go back for a final vote sometime this week. 

Help us #STOP1516. We have identified 6 House members who we think are brave enough to change their vote from a likely YES to a firm NO on this monumental piece of legislation. Will you join us in calling them and asking them to please vote NO on SB1516?

Rep. J. Christopher Ackerley - jackerley@azleg.gov - (602) 926-3077
Rep. Heather Carter - hcarter@azleg.gov - (602) 926-5503
Rep. Jill Norgaard - jnorgaard@azleg.gov - (602) 926-3140
Rep. Frank Pratt - fpratt@azleg.gov - (602) 926-5761
Rep. Bob Robson - brobson@azleg.gov - (602) 926-5549
Rep. TJ Shope - tshope@azleg.gov - (602) 926-3012

Here is a sample script you can use:

Dear Rep. ______, I am a concerned voter calling to urge you to vote NO on SB1516. This massive bill will open the door for unlimited amounts of undisclosed money to enter into our elections and allow special interests to buy our politicians. It also allows elected officials to play king maker and give their campaign money to other candidates. This bill was created and pushed by the Secretary of State and as we saw last week, she cannot even ensure our elections are run properly - how can we trust her to handle our campaign finance laws? Please uphold the integrity of our elections and campaign finance system and vote NO on SB1516.

Summary of SB1516 and a recent poll on it.

Election Fiasco:

We have received countless stories of voters being denied the right to vote, because they did not have reasonable access to voting. We heard even more stories from voters in the special Elections Committee meeting. Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell tried to explain what happened as did Secretary of State Michelle Reagan. They apologized and claimed that they wanted to listen to voters, but had no real action steps to resolve what happened and prevent a future fiasco.

The committee was packed with standing room only. The public was allowed 2 minutes each to speak. Numerous people signed up to speak, but only about half were given the chance. It is obvious that Arizona voters are not being respected.

See Shayna Stevens of the Arizona Students Association’s testimony at the committee meeting about a student veteran who was denied the right to vote:

Shayna Stevens Video

I'm worried that this special meeting is just for show and that no clear action steps are being taken” – Sam Pstross of the Arizona Advocacy Network, see her full testimony from the meeting here:

Samantha Pstross Video


Thank you so much to everyone who came to committee today. We are continuing to advocate for Arizona voters and make sure that Tuesday’s fiasco never happens again.

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