Did you hear about Juli Myers?

Juli Myers is our Development Director and today is her 29th birthday. Do you know Juli? Let me tell you a little bit about her and how I know her.

Juli_Speaking.jpgA few years ago, I was looking for a guest speaker for my Sociology class at DeVry University and a friend suggested having Juli Myers come. So I invited her to come speak. Then, I had her come speak to another class. And another class. And another. I can tell you with full confidence that Juli changes lives when she speaks to classes. Having her as a guest speaker is always the highlight of the semester. Why?

Juli is transgender and very open about it (she said I can DEFINITELY send an email to all of you about it). You may have seen her on the news or on a billboard as a spokeswoman for the transgender community. Juli's "lecture" to my classes is always the same - raw and engaging. Juli goes into her story of growing up trans and then opens it up for questions. She brings her daughter sometimes who, like Juli, isn't afraid and talks about what it's like to have a transgender parent. Juli always makes it clear that there are no stupid questions. Most of my students have never knowingly met a transgender person and have a lot of fear about what it means to be transgender. Juli educates students, so they aren't afraid anymore and she gives them a real understanding of what it means to be transgender. Hearing Juli's story, meeting her in person, and getting their questions answered, without a doubt, leads students to be more open minded, accepting and inclusive. I'll never forget one student who told me later that she was going to start letting her young son wear dresses and play with dolls, something she had banned, before hearing Juli speak. Juli changed that students worldview and most likely altered the course of that student's son's life.

Juli_Sam.jpgJuli is one of the bravest and most sincere people I have ever met. She is sharp, warm, and always straightforward. She's incredibly funny and I feel very fortunate to work with her. It was her idea to roast Congressman Gallego and she has worked very hard to put this incredible event together. I know it will be hilarious, unique, and memorable, just like Juli.

If you haven't bought your ticket(s) yet, please do so today, so Juli can get a good count of how many people will be there. If you can't go, buy a ticket anyway and donate it. We will make sure it gets to someone who wants to come, but can't afford it. You can buy your tickets HERE.

Join me in wishing Juli Myers a happy birthday and come celebrate with us on June 17th.

With gratitude for the great Juli Myers on her birthday,
Executive Director
Arizona Advocacy Network & Foundation



Less than 2 weeks until the Roast! Have you bought your ticket?