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  • Say NO to the Dark Money Lobbyist Power Grab!

    When "We the People" created Clean Elections, we made Arizona a national leader in fighting corruption.

    The Citizens Clean Elections Commission is our nonpartisan watchdog, our only protection against the greedy interests who try to corrupt our democracy. 

    But now, greedy special interests want to put a board of lobbyists in charge of Clean Elections.

    Prop. 306 on this November's ballot would let a board of lobbyists handpicked by Governor Ducey defang our watchdog, and stop Clean Elections from bringing more transparency and accountability to our elections. 

    Say NO to the dark money lobbyist power grab and NO on Prop 306 with a donation to our dedicated "No on Prop 306" fund. 


  • AZAN 2017 Awards Breakfast

    Thank you for contributing to the cause of democracy in Arizona.

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  • Our Work

    Voting Rights

    The right to vote is the most fundamental right in a democracy.

    Defending Clean Elections

    Clean Elections is constantly under attack from moneyed interests. We're defending it.

    Legislative Advocacy

    Our 2017 Legislative Report touches on the most important bills affecting our democracy.


    When democracy is threatened, fair courts can be our last line of defense.

    Local Reform

    While the state legislature continues go in the wrong direction cities are leading the way on reform.

  • menu

    For this year's Roast, our partners at Tarra Lazos Creative have worked with Chef Appollon and Twila Cassadore to put together a wonderfully innovative menu of Arizona desert-inspired soul food:



  • Donate to AZAN

    Protecting our sacred right to vote and the process of our elections is a big deal, and we can't do it alone. Unfortunately, our right to vote is under constant attack in Arizona, so we depend on your support of AZAN to keep voting safe and accessible.

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    There are many other ways to contribute, including donations to the Arizona Advocacy Network Foundation.


  • AZAN Monthly Supporters

    Defending democracy is a big job, and we cannot do this work alone. We are humbled by the support of our monthly supporters, a group of incredible advocates who share our vision and have joined the fight for democracy.  


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