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HB 2305Initiatives; Filings; Circulators (Farnsworth): Requires a political committee that files petitions with the Secretary of State (SOS) to organize and group petition signature sheets as prescribed.  Permits any political committee to submit to the SOS, at the time of filing a petition, a list of all petition circulators and a copy of criminal records check performed on each circulator.

A 32 page amendment, which includes provisions of SB 1261 and SB 1003 was adopted to HB2305 with no public input at a conference committee on 6/6

Read the full amendment here 

AZAN opposes HB2305. Please stay vigilant for action against HB2305. Sign-up to get our action alerts


SB 1003; technical correction; agricultural extension (NOW: Early ballot voting; revisions) (Reagan strike-all amendment) – Prohibits any member of a political committee, political party, group or organization from collecting and delivering a permanent early ballot on election day or during the early voting period; requires a signed affidavit  by the voter who gives the early ballot to another person to deliver on their behalf.

Status: passed the Senate and both the House Judiciary and Rules Committees; awaits approval by the full House of Representatives where it has stalled; attempts to amend other bills in conference committee with these provisions are occurring weekly, so far unsuccessfully. Provisions of SB 1003 have been added to SB 1493

AZAN opposes SB1003. Please stay vigilant for action against any attempts to include SB1261 and SB1003 as part of other bills. Sign-up to get our action alerts

SB 1261; permanent early voting lists; amendments (Reagan, Driggs, Worsley) Permits county recorders to purge voters from the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL) without written authorization from the voter, as is currently required or after a voter goes into the inactive list.  If a voter misses any of the primaries or general elections since 2010, they would be removed from the PEVL if they fail to respond to their county recorder/elections official’s request to remain on the PEVL.

Status: passed the Senate and both the House Judiciary and Rules Committees; awaits approval by the full House of Representatives where it has stalled; attempts to amend other bills in conference committee with these provisions are occurring weekly, so far unsuccessfully. Provisions of SB 1003 have been added to SB 1493.

 AZAN opposes SB1261. Please stay vigilant for action against any attempts to include SB1261 and SB1003 as part of other bills. Sign-up to get our action alerts




SB 1454campaign finance; in-kind contributions; disclosures (Yee, Barto, Meza, Reagan)- modifies campaign finance disclosure rules concerning use of a company logo, trademark, trade name or trade dress by a candidate that owns or has a controlling interest in the company and other issues related to candidate campaign signs. SB 1454 defines the use of company logos, trademarks and trade names as an in-kind contribution instead of use of personal monies. Signs paid for by a candidate with campaign monies or by a candidate's campaign committee no longer need to have a "paid for by" statement included on the front of the sign. Instead of a name or phone number on the back of campaign signs, campaign committees may now offer a campaign website address to fulfill the statutory requirement.

Status: Passed the Senate, awaits to be heard in the House rules committee

AZAN opposes SB1454. We believe it unfairly targets Clean Elections candidates and does not apply equally to privately funded candidates. A Clean Elections candidate cannot even purchase the use of a trademarked item while a privately funded candidate is allowed to use one under their control for free. Please take action against SB1454




HCR2026: Clean Elections; education funding (Boyer, Mesnard, Petersen, Tobin, Carter, Olson) Effectively repeals Clean Elections. It sweeps Clean Elections funding into education of charter or public schools. . It would mean no more voter guide, fewer if any candidate debates and less anti-corruption oversight of campaign finance laws

Status: Passed the House, awaits vote by full Senate. We believe that HCR2026 lacks enough support to pass. 

AZAN opposed HCR2026Big Money once again, would’ve completely controlled who runs for office with resources to reach voters

We were able to defeat HCR2026 thanks to supporters like you!




SB 1493: Elections; Omnibus (Biggs, Driggs, McComish, Shooter):   Elections bill introduced with the permission of the Senate rules committee. The anti-voter bills we have been fighting, SB1261 and SB1003, are now included in SB1493.

Status: Assigned to Senate Appropriations committee. SB 1261 and SB 1003 could be voted on in conference committee at the Senate.

AZAN opposes SB1493. Please stay vigilant for possible action alerts. Sign-up here



HB 2593; technical correction; veterans campaign finance; contribution limits (Mesnard) Increases the amount of money individuals and political committees may contribute to a candidate and removes the aggregate contribution limit for individuals and political committees. It will increase contribution amounts that privately funded candidates can accept from approximately $500 to $5,000. Candidates can accept these large checks from anyone or any special interest, whether they are voters in district or not, and no matter if they are citizens or permanent resident aliens (not citizens).

Status: Governor signed the bill into law. Note: HB2593 is expected to be litigated in court for violating the Clean Elections Act and Voter Protection Act. If successful, it will force the legislature to address additional funding for Clean Elections candidates.

AZAN strongly opposed HB2593. Read our press release following the passing of HB2593, you can also watch Sam Wercinski, AZAN Executive Director, discussing the bill on Arizona Horizon HERE



Other bills



HB 2575: Clean elections commission amendments (Thorpe, Quezada, Steele, Miranda, Orr, Seel, Sherwood) HB 2575 contains a provision that creates the Voter Voucher Program.  Under this proposed program, every voter gets ‘credits’ worth $50 to give to participating legislative candidates, $300 to participating statewide candidates. Voters can give these credits to participating candidates who appear on their primary ballot and then those on their general election ballot. Participating candidates seek Votes and Clean Elections funding from within their district/Arizona, focusing on voters they will represent, not PACs or outside Big Money donors. Increases limits on candidate, political party and PAC contributions

Status: Did not receive a hearing this legislative session, Voter voucher program was proposed as an amendment to HB 2306

AZAN supports HB2575 as part of a comprehensive approach to elections reform.



SB 1326disclosures; campaign finance; lobbying; enforcement (Reagan, Landrum Taylor, Meza, Biggs) – Turns the Clean elections Commission into a separate unit within the Secretary of State’s Office with an independent and autonomous budget. The bill would have given the commission the task of overseeing lobbyist registration and reporting with investigatory, compliance and enforcement authority on campaign finance matters.

Status: SB 1326 passed both the Senate Judiciary and Elections committee. It was never scheduled for a vote by the full Senate.  



SCR1017: School programs; clean elections monies (Crandall): Would’ve taken excess Clean elections funds and provided them to schools for their School Resource officers.

Status: Held in Senate appropriations committee

AZAN opposed SCR 1017




HB 2306: campaign finance; aggregate committee limits(Farnsworth): Doubles the amount of campaign cash that political action committees, driven by lobbyists, can give to candidates for greater leverage when they’re in office.

Proposed Voter voucher amendment: An amendment to include the Voter Voucher program, as outlined in HB 2575. Voters would be eligible to give participating candidates who appear on the voter’s ballot a VOTER VOUCHER worth $300 for statewide candidates and $50 for legislative candidates by completing a form and giving it to the candidate who turns it into the CCEC for Clean Elections funding. Voters would have voter vouchers for the primary and general election;   Base grants reduced for legislative candidates; additional funding available through successful voter engagement:

  1. o$10,000 Primary plus up to $20,000 in VOTER VOUCHER supplemental funding, $15,000 General plus up to $30,000 in VOTER VOUCHER supplemental funding

Status: Transmitted to Senate, held in Senate Elections committee.

AZAN opposed HB2306



HB 2600: Judicial nominees; minimum requirements; records (Pierce, Allen, Farnsworth, Forese, Lesko, Montenegro, Tobin, Murphy, Yarbrough, Yee, Borrelli, Boyer, Kwasman, Livingston, Lovas, Mesnard, Olson, Petersen, Smith, Stevens, Melvin) Adds a new section in state law to provide that the state’s merit selection commission gives the  governor be given at least 5 names for any vacancy. Additionaly, it requires the voting records for all commission activities be made public, including and specifically how individual commissioners voted on individuals being considered.

Status: Signed into law by Governor Brewer

AZAN opposed HB 2600



HB2536: Campaign finance; committees; revisions (Ugenti) HB 2536 modifies the definition of independent expenditure, modifies the disclosure statements on political committee expenditures and makes further changes. 

Status: Transmitted to the Senate, passed the Senate Elections committee. Has not been on Senate calendar since then.