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Government of, by and for the People

When the U.S. Supreme Court gave Corporations the power to pour unlimited amounts of money into influencing elections, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and other Big Money goliaths decided they deserved more control over elected officials.  Stilled annoyed that voters passed the 1998 anti-corruption law, the Citizen’s Clean Elections Act, after AZSCAM, and it’s impact on their power, corporations poured big bucks into killing Clean Elections in 2010 but failed.  In 2011, they came back with bigger guns and the legislature passed SCR 1025 to deceptively repeal the key anti-corruption provision of providing campaign funds to qualifying candidates who choose not to accept funds from private, corporate or Big Money. It also would have killed Tucson’s 1987 Clean Money system and swept money from Tucson to the state’s general fund.

Clean Elections Candidates gain a shield against the influence and power that Big Money exerts on officials they fund for election.  Join Arizona Advocacy Network to protect Clean Elections and
Coruption Money Tucson’s Clean Money program. YCoruption Moneyour support will help us strengthen this important anti-corruption law with a new small donor supplemental funding system that requires candidates to demonstrate viability while increasing civic participation and expanding access to our electoral system for those historically marginalized.

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