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Government of, by and for the People

Clean Election BannerThe decision by the United States Supreme Court to open the floodgates to BIG MONEY influencing political campaigns makes it all the more imperative that we protect and advance Arizona's public campaign financing system as well as enact public financing for federal elections. Longtime foes of Clean Elections want to end public campaign financing in Arizona and return to a time when BIG MONEY was the primary factor deciding who would represent our communities in legislative and statewide offices. Anti-competition, anti-democracy legislators with backing from the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is determined to kill Arizona’s Clean Elections and Tucson’s Clean Money programs by defunding them on the 2012 ballot.  Efforts to pass the Fair Elections Now Act--Clean Elections for federal races--have significant traction.  With the stakes high we must protect Clean Elections and Clean Money in Arizona for government of, by and for the people.

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