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Gerry ManderingBackground:

Arizona voters passed Prop 106 in 2000 to form the Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC) and take control away from legislators concerned with creating their own safe districts for re-election.  A major objective was to prevent gerrymandering and to form as many competitive districts as possible.


Mission and Goals:

Arizona Advocacy Network Foundation (AzANF), a 501(c)(3) organization formally established in 2002, is working with a growing coalition of good government groups to build a broad and diverse constituency for competition.

Our mission is to empower citizens and increase civic participation in the redistricting process with an online mapping tool and a support team to ensure competition gets equal weight in the redistricting process.

Our goal is to ensure the IRC meets all federal and state requirements, establishes majority people-of-color districts guaranteed to elect candidates of their choice, creates ten or more competitive legislative and four or more competitive congressional districts, and submits a map to DOJ that is accepted with broad and diverse support across Arizona. Success, we believe, will result in less partisanship and better government for Arizonans.

More competitive districts mean fewer “safe partisan districts” and more elected officials who will work for the entire community versus just primary voters.

Changing the power dynamic and pushing back on narrow interests will lead to more competitive districts.  It will take resources to achieve this.

Coalition members currently include: Arizona Education Association, AARP, Arizona Alliance for Retired Americans, Republicans for Environmental Protection, AZ League of Women Voters and AZ League of Conservation Voters. The Coalition is chaired by former State Representatives Roberta Voss and Ken Clark.  A third chair with no party affiliation is being sought. Tony Sissons and Research Advisory Services of Phoenix are providing technical expertise of redistricting.  His firm has managed 17 successful redistricting processes and provided expert testimony on demographics and redistricting in state and federal courts. Phil Ponce and Engineering Mapping Solutions in Phoenix are building the interactive software. AzAN Foundation provides administrative support and is the fiscal sponsor qualifying the effort for 501(c)(3) status. AzAN Foundation is also reaching out to other groups and interests to continue to broaden this constituency for competition.  AzAN Foundation Executive Director Linda Brown was recently a participant in an invitation-only Redistricting Institute hosted by NALEO and MALDEF in Washington, DC and has been able to share the DOJ perspective of what is considered an acceptable redistricting process and map.  There she gained valuable insight from nationally respected veterans of multiple redistricting processes and challenges.  This information is guiding our effort for success.

Arizona Advocacy Network Foundation asks for organizational and individual support to fund this effort.

Please contact Sam Wercinski at AzAN Foundation, 602-297-2500 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for additional information or to contribute.  All contributions for this work are tax deductible.