How to Send Your Comments to the Pence-Kobach Commission

The Pence-Kobach commission is getting back together in New Hampshire this Tuesday. 

We've had quite a bit to say about the commission recently, from its request for state voter data, to our own recommendations to the commission, to the disreputable history of the commission's vice chair, Kris Kobach (which he just keeps adding to). 

Now, it's your turn. When the commission meets, it has to accept public comments. That means a comment window is open through Tuesday night at 9pm AZ time. If you'd like to tell the commission your thoughts on what we really need to secure our democracy, send in a comment. At the link, just click the blue "Comment Now!" button and follow the instructions. 

Keep in mind that "any information, including personal or contact information, that you provide on the comment form or in an attachment will be publicly disclosed as it is entered, searchable on the Internet, and included in any paper docket."