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Oakwood Country Club Ballroom

24218 S. Oakwood Blvd
Sun Lakes
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Take a flight of fancy ... Discover it’s not your imagination. IronOaks at Sun Lakes is real. As you hum along community byways, past splashing fountains or sparkling lakes, beckoning golf courses and walking paths, you’ll delight in the beauty and serenity of IronOaks. Leisure is paired with the vigorous adult lifestyles of the contented residents who work and play nearby and enjoy this very special Arizona haven.

Take a few stopovers along the way to glimpse the wide variety of stylish established homes with comfortable southwest architecture and artful landscaping so creatively and ecologically suited to the year-round sunny and pleasant IronOaks environment.

Take a closer look at everything IronOaks has to offer: People you’ll be proud to have as neighbors, homes that are both elegant and practical, and amenities you are looking for to enrich your life. Explore all our links and discover IronOaks yourself.

IronOaks is close enough to the fifth largest city in the United States to provide you with every metropolitan advantage, yet just far enough away so that the expanses of desert and mountain vistas are yours to appreciate. It’s time to land in IronOaks at Sun Lakes.

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