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The Advocacy Hour: A New Radio Show on KPHX 1480
06/06/14 15.00 h - 16.00 h
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 June 6:Utilities pad their profits by taxing sunshine while Governor Brewer and Republican Corporation Commissioners impose solar taxes. Nationwide, big money attacks clean energy, but Arizonans are fighting back. We take your calls with Special guest, Sandy Bahr, Director of the Sierra Club, Grand Canyon Chapter. 

We are excited to bring you The Advocacy Hour on 1480 KPHX
Every Friday from 3 to 4:00PM, this live, caller-driven show will host special guests and discuss the hottest issues impacting working Arizonans. When money is speech and corporations are people, we need to amplify our voices. Turn up the volume and speak your mind during The Advocacy HourLet's move Arizona's progressive agenda forward. 

Streaming live Every Friday 3:00 to 4:00pm. Set your speed dial to 602-252-1480 and call in
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