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Voter Protection Training
Voter Protection Training
08/21/13 18.00 h - 19.00 h
Voter Protection Training



Confusion at the Ballot Box?


Requirements to vote in the Phoenix election vary based on how and when a ballot is cast

Polling locations have moved

Challenges are expected

Join our Election Protection Team.

Ensure every vote is counted!


Poll Watchers will focus on three goals:
1. Help voters with ID requirements
2. Refer voters to our hotline as needed for additional help
3. Report problems to field managers to resolve issues early in the day

August 21, 2012
Conference call session
Conference call information sent upon RSVP.


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For more information, including voter registration, vote by mail and other
ways to help, visit the “Take Action” page at or contact



City of Phoenix Voting Center are Open on:
Saturday, August 24, 10AM-4:00PM
Monday, August 26, 9AM-6:00PM
Tuesday, August 27, 6AM-7:00PM