Commission for Election Accountability

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What is the AZ Commission for Election Accountability?

Following the March 22nd election fiasco, a group of organizations that are part of One Arizona got together to discuss what can be done to prevent future election problems. Ever since the Voting Rights Act was diminished as a result of the Shelby County vs. Holder Supreme Court case in 2013, Arizona has faced various elections related problems. The group decided that it is essential that AZ elections have some kind of oversight and if the Department of Justice and/or the Secretary of State were not going to do it, we would.


Who is part of the AZ Commission for Election Accountability?

The commission is made up of non-partisan, non-profit groups who are part of One AZ and dedicated to voting rights:



Samantha Pstross with Arizona Advocacy



Alejandra Gomez, Arizona Center for Empowerment

Christopher Brill, One Arizona

Eduardo Sainz: Mi Familia Vota - AZ

Shayna Stevens: Foundation for AZ Students

Petra Falcon: Promise AZ


What is the role of the Commission?

Holding Arizona elections officials accountable and ensuring that our elections run smoothly is no small task. We think it is crucial to have diverse leaders with knowledge and know-how on how to restore integrity to Arizona elections be part of our commission. We are looking for individuals and groups to represent the various diverse communities in Arizona to help us and give us advice on how to ensure that everyone has reasonable access to voting in Arizona. No more voter suppression - whether intentional or not.


What has the Commission done so far?

We have had several meetings with the Maricopa County Recorder's office and the Secretary of State and her team. Both have been receptive to working with us. The Maricopa County Recorder has asked us for suggestions, which we have given them and will discuss Tuesday, June 21, and to look over the Spanish translation on ballots, which we will be doing Wednesday, June 22. The Secretary of State has said that she will provide access to their voter registration files, so we can make sure that voters are being registered to vote.


See the Letters with the Links Below:

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Dialogue with County Recorder


Listen to Samantha Pstross discuss the Commission for Election Accountability HERE on KJZZ.