Center for Investigative Reporting: AZ: 22nd in Nation for Government Transparency, Accountability

Arizona: 22nd in nation for government transparency, accountability

By Evan Wyloge, Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting

PHOENIX — Gaps in government transparency and accountability in Arizona over the past few years are not hard to find.

In late 2013, stacks of Child Protective Services files were found dumped in an alley in Phoenix, shedding light on an agency in meltdown. The 2014 Arizona elections saw unprecedented “dark money” spending, mostly going toward electing the governor and state utility regulators. And in early 2015, Arizona’s newly inaugurated governor, Doug Ducey, tried to establish a state inspector general, but failed after the plan was criticized harshly for creating a “secret police” that would operate with little transparency and answer only to the governor.

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