Capitol Update - Direct Democracy is Under Attack

This President’s Day, your constitutional right to direct democracy is under attack at the Arizona legislature. The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and the legislature have partnered up to push several bills that place extreme burdens on voters’ ability to put initiatives on the ballot and undermine voters by allowing the legislature to change or repeal initiatives after they have been approved at the ballot box.  

Arguably the worst of these bills, HB 2404, attaches excessive stipulations to the signature gathering process and will make it infinitely more difficult for Arizonans to get measures on the ballot. Our constitutional right to the initiative process is sacred and is often our only tool to ensure that our laws reflect the will of the voters when the legislature does the opposite.

AZAN’s Executive Director, Joel Edman, was featured on last week’s episode of Politics Unplugged to discuss these bills and their destructive consequences.

HB 2404 and HCR 2002HCR 2007, and HB 2320 – all of which would harm the Voter Protection Act and undermine the will of the voters -  is scheduled on the Rules agenda for this Monday, February 20th. Please use the legislature’s Request to Speak tool to sign in against these bills.

It is not 100% certain, but HB 2404 and the other bills attacking the Voter Protection Act, have a chance of going to the full House of Representatives for a vote on Monday afternoon. Call your Representative and urge them to vote no on these bills. There is too much at stake to allow these bills to advance any further. Your members can be located here and their contact information can be found here.

If you are available to join us at the Capitol to stand in solidarity for our right to direct democracy on Monday, please do so. More information on can be found here.

Amidst this chaos, AZAN finished out this past week with a reason to celebrate! HCR 2004, an attempt to end Clean Elections, failed in House Appropriations last Wednesday. THANK YOU to all of you that called or e-mailed your members, signed in against the bill, and attended the committee hearing. Your support is greatly appreciated!

If you get a chance, please e-mail the committee members that voted against HCR 2004 and thank them for supporting Clean Elections. The members that voted against HCR 2004 are:
Rep. Lela Alston (
Rep. Mark Cardenas (
Rep. Heather Carter (
Rep. Ken Clark (
Rep. Charlene Fernandez (
Rep. Randy Friese (
Rep. Michelle Ugenti- Rita (

Again, thank you for all of the work that you do to support Clean Elections and to advance fair elections in Arizona.