Blog: A Better Arizona Begins With You

By Sam Wercinski, Executive Director

Did you see last week’s article in the nationally circulated American Prospect Magazine?

In describing AZAN’s efforts, reporter Justin Miller highlights our success in stopping attacks on the Clean Elections Act and our fight against the Money versus the Many. State Representative Juan Mendez is featured and brings home the importance of a strong Clean Elections system.

To date, there have been fourteen attempts to repeal the Clean Elections Act. AZAN leads the effort to defend and strengthen not only the Act but also Tucson’s Clean Money system from legislative and corporate attacks. We know our opponents are preparing for the 2016 legislative session, and we must be ready to protect the state’s strongest anti-corruption law.

October_Ask_Image.jpgStrengthening Clean Elections and reforming money in politics remains a top priority for AZAN. That’s why we’re working with partners on a 2016 ballot initiative to restore the integrity of our elections and amplify the voices of everyday Arizonans. AZAN intends to demand more accountability and more transparency from politicians and the groups that thrive on secret, unaccountable money. We need your help to achieve this.

Without you, we would have to reduce our legislative, legal and grassroots advocacy to strengthen Clean Elections, expand voting rights and protect fair and impartial courts.

We believe in a Better Arizona; a Better Arizona begins with you.