Arizona Daily Sun: Don't Siphon Off Clean Elections Funds

Letter to the Editor written by Bob Lynne

Big Money is at it again Two bills are moving through the legislature that will endanger our freedom.

The bills will take Clean Elections funds and funnel them into school maintenance and operations. Oh, you think that sounds good to give more money for education? Well, I don't think that the money will ever increase education funding. This legislature tried the same thing with a 1 percvent sales tax in 2010. Soon after the sales tax passed, the legislature passed big tax cuts for corporations and used the money elsewhere.

Here we are in 2015 and our newly elected governor is crying the blues because we have no money for education. He says he'll put money into classrooms and yet he is still moving ahead with more corporate tax cuts. I think big money politicians introduced the bills on behalf of their donors, not voters.

HCR2004 and SCR1001 are sponsored by Senator Steve Pierce and Representative Karen Fann to kill Clean Elections. Arizonans passed the Clean Elections Act to fight political corruption and to allow people who don't have big bucks to run for office. Clean Elections maintains some sense of integrity in the elections process. It's one law that Arizona got right and has been a model for other states.

We cannot let this legislature kill Clean Elections. I urge you to contact your three legislators, and Governor Ducey letting them know that you want these freedom-killing bills stopped.

Bob Lynne, Prescott

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