Arizona State University Students Unite For Democracy

With all the vitriol in this election season, there is some interesting news! Millennials, both Democrats and Republicans, are coming together to uphold democracy, but there is still work to do.


ASU College Republicans and ASU Young Democrats come together to develop first ever on-campus polling place.



Tempe, AZ – August 18, 2016 – While most election cycles drive divisiveness, the 2016 Election Cycle has just seen one of the most unifying actions this year on the campus of Arizona State University.

The ASU Undergraduate Student Government (USG), Graduate and Professional Student Association, ASU College Republicans, ASU Young Democrats, the newly formed AZ Commission for Election Accountability (led by the Arizona Advocacy Network (AZAN)), and others, have come together to create the first ever polling place on the ASU Tempe Campus, home to over 80,000 students, many of which live on or near campus. Uniting in the name of Democracy, the groups have come together to ensure that every American who has the right to vote does, registering thousands of students at ASU’s Tempe Campus.

Come November, the student groups have united to develop plans turning either the Wells Fargo Arena or Sun Devils Fitness Center into certified polling locations, offering ample parking at locations well known to residents of Tempe (District 642) and Hudson (District 312).

“Citizens from all political walks of life agree that a true Democracy is one of the many things that makes America truly great,” says Samantha Pstross, Executive Director of the Arizona Advocacy Network, “The fact that students from both the ASU College Republicans and ASU Young Democrats have not only agreed upon this, but are actively working together to further the citizen voice in their community, is outstanding. Both groups have been tremendous in ensuring that every citizen has the opportunity to be part of the voting process.”

While the students have united, providing strong leadership in the democratic process, there is still work to be done to make this happen. The groups plan for the polling location must still be approved and enacted upon by the Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell, and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.

Pstross continued, “It is our hope that Maricopa County embraces the passion of the ASU student organizations, and converts their passion into a true example of Americans coming together to ensure our citizens have the opportunity to participate in a true democracy.”



For further information, or interviews with Samantha Pstross, Executive Director of the Arizona Advocacy Network, please contact Samantha Pstross at or (480) 619 - 3911.

Jaime Ingrisano, Undergraduate Student Government

Kevin Calabrese,, College Republicans

Austin Marshall,, Young Democrats