Arizona Republic: Lay Off the Clean Elections Commission for Just Doing Its Job

Opinion by Dr. Doris Marie Provine, AZAN Board President

The Citizen's Clean Elections Commission did not "butt in where it doesn't belong" when it investigated and fined the out-of-state Legacy Foundation. This dark money group didn't follow the law established by voters in the Clean Elections Act when it targeted Mayor Smith during the 2014 Republican Primary.

The Commission's authority, The Republic notes, may be "buried deep in a complex ballot measure," but so what? Independent, nonpartisan enforcement of the law is what voters expected when they chose Clean Elections.

Most Arizonans want a transparent electoral system, one not dominated by secretive groups and dark money. Quit trying to put a straightjacket on a popular citizens' initiative that voters still support.

Dr. Doris Marie Provine, Tempe

The Arizona Republic, print edition, June 24, 2015