Arizona Republic: Demand ID and Proof of Citizenship From Donors, Not Voters

Letter to the Editor written by Dr. Paul Kelley

Politicians could really strengthen election integrity if they required ID and proof of citizenship for donors instead of imposing these unnecessary barriers on voters ("Federal judge: Ariz., Kansas can require voters prove citizenship," Wednesday).

Currently, non-citizens, which includes corporations, throw big bucks into candidate coffers, influencing elections and gaining greater access to our tax dollars at the expense of working voters after Election Day. There are similar eligibility laws to vote and to contribute to candidates but money donors have never had to prove eligibility. In fact, donors don't even sign under oath, as voters must, that their donation is legal. Now, there's a real problem that our politicians should take to court. But that would cost them and their campaigns real money, or maybe their re-election.

Paul Kelley, M.D., Paradise Valley

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